Shark Wheel x Carver Aipa 30.75

Shark Wheel x Carver Aipa 30.75


สินค้าที่ได้รับ จ้า

1. Carver Aipa

2. Shark Wheel 72mm/60mm [สีล้อ สามารถ เปลี่ยนได้น่ะครับ] 

3. ล้อ Roundhouse เก่า ของ แผ่น

In 1974 Ben Aipa, the legendary Hawaiian surfer and shaper, made his mark in surfboard history with the development of ‘Da Sting’, a quick-turning shape he first made for Larry Bertleman. “I would watch him at the Lighthouse for a moment, and I could see what he was attempting to do… I knew he was the future, so I went back to the shop and imagined the kind of board dynamics he’d need to get the maneuvers he was attempting” Ben said.

How perfect then that we would collaborate with the Aipa family to make a Carver surfskate model that also achieves the same quick turning, fast pumping maneuvers we pioneered for skateboards in 1996. The clear sugar coat grip shows off the classic blue flames, one of the most iconic airbrush designs in surfboard history.

Deck Specs:
10 1/4" wide
6 3/8" tail
3 1/2" nose
16 3/4" wheelbase

3700 กรัม
12200 บาท


OBfive Grom Blacker RKP1 Surf Skate 28"

15500 บาท
8555 บาท

Carver AIPA STING 30.75" (SS21)

22900 บาท
7999 บาท

Shark Wheel x Carver USA Booster 30.75

17900 บาท
12600 บาท